Mutual Funds


The Mutual & Hedge Funds Act, 2008 provides a modern and tax efficient legal framework for licensing of mutual hedge funds in the Seychelles.

Key Features

  • Legal Framework : Mutual and Hedge Funds Act, 2008
  • Tax exempt in Seychelles
  • The Fund vehicle used may be an IBC or a CSL company
  • Seychelles Mutual Funds can be administered inside or outside of Seychelles by an approved foreign administrator
  • Professional Funds (more commonly known as hedge funds) are restricted to having professional investors making minimum investment of USD 100,000 each
  • Private Funds can have no more than 50 investors and cannot make invitations to the public for subscription
  • The accounts of Seychelles funds and fund administrators may be audited by approved overseas auditors
  • Seychelles funds may be established and operated more cost effectively than in many other jurisdiction