Private Companies


The perfect trading vehicle for making business in Asia and Middle East in a low tax environment

Key Features

  • Gateway to China growing market for imported goods and services
  • High credibility structure
  • Tax exemption on capital gains and interest earned
  • Tax exemption on dividenddistribution
  • Tax exemption if the profits are generated outside Hong Kong
  • Tax based on source of profits and not based on residence
  • Law and simple tax regime. Maximum 16% tax on Hong Kong income and 17.5% tax on profits generated in Hong Kong
  • No minimum capital requirements
  • Capital duty of 0.1 % is paid on the nominal value of the shares over HKD 10,000
  • No minimum requirements for directors
  • One secretary¬† must be resident in Hong Kong
  • Audited annual accounts required
  • Comprehensive double taxation agreement